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Indian Lake Baptist Church
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Monday, February 20 2017

Luke 6:27-36

In Luke 6 Luke is recording one of Jesus sermons about the character of a true disciple. Jesus reminds us that true generosity begins within our heart and is expressed through our character. In this particular section of scripture Jesus deals with something that seems so contrary to the way our world works. We work hard to achieve certain social and economic status, we struggle to obtain certain possessions and now Jesus tells me that if someone wants what I have worked so hard for then I am to just give it to them? This doesn't seem very fair! He even goes on to say that we should do good and pray for those people that seek to harm us or to use us. How can this be?

Well, when we begin to understand that generosity is not simply about my possessions but is a state of mind it begins to make sense. Jesus is not telling us that we should not have things but what He is telling us is that our things should not have us. See, generosity means freedom from a small minded attitude or character. It means to be willing to give at any time. What Jesus doesn't tell you, in so many words, is that true joy and happiness come from a generous lifestyle! We seem to forget that all that we have was ultimately provided by God or atleast the ability to earn our resources comes from God's design of our life. Too many people are so wrapped up in what they have and if they are not they are wrapped up in how they can keep what they have. Generosity is not limited to our possessions either. We are never more like God than when we give. We are like God when we give forgiveness, when we grant mercy in place of revenge, when we grant grace rather than a punishment. Jesus reminds us that to truly experience love and give godly love it must be to people we see as our enemy. Jesus reminds us that to love those that will love us in return is no different than even the worst people in this world. Generosity through the act of love is telling yourself and the world that you will not define a person by their worst act but will provide for them mercy and grace as our heavenly Father provided for us. Trust God fully and generosity will be a character trait that you find will set you free! 

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